Lines of research

  • Development of knowledge based mechanisms of evaluating quality and extending duration of food products.
  • Development of technological solutions for food products of plant origin to improve their quality.
  • Impact of raw materials and production technologies on quality and microbiological safety of rye bread.

Latvian Food Competence Centre

Latvian Food Competence Centre together with Food Products Quality Cluster have implemented Project “Food Industry Competence Centre of Latvia”

Total project costs: 4 898 020.74

Project duration: 01.09.2016-31.12.2018

Achieved indicators:

  • supported projects - 30
  • supported enterprises– 30
  • developed new technolgies - 23
  • developed new products - 182

Project has two scientific directions:

1. To increase the market for products of Latvian producers, inculding:

  • research on packaging;
  • research of new technologies that increase product’ shelf life and storage conditions;
  • development of new products for wider market preferences.

2. Increasing the added value and competitiveness of production, including:

  • improving the use of food by-products in higher value-added products;
  • research in agriculture and pomiculture to improve the efficiency of resources - suitable varieties and breeding technologies;
  • development of new, innovative high value-added products, making maximal use of existing markets, technologies and production factors.